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Mount Peg – Elevation 1,080 ft.  *Easy

Trailhead:  Golf Avenue, Woodstock at the Mount Peg trailhead kiosk.

Total Ascent:  360 ft. Distance:  2.5 Miles



Mount Tom – Elevation 1,250 ft.  *Easy & ***Difficult

Trailheads:  Choose either the Faulkner Trail on Mountain Avenue or the Mountain Road from the National Park entrance on Route 12.

Total Ascent:  800 ft. Distance: 2.5 miles on Faulkner or 4 miles on Mtn Rd.



Lucy’s Lookout – Elevation 2,320 ft.    *Easy
Trailhead:  From Woodstock, go north on VT 12 for 6 miles, turn left on Lakota Rd, in 0.2 miles turn left on Schoolhouse Rd, in 0.4 miles turn right on Green Gate Rd, at 1.5 miles the parking area is on the left on a sharp rt. turn.  Hike up eroded road and take right at Y, merge with AT, go right (south) until sign for Lucy’s Lookout.  Spectacular view.
Ascent:  460 feet. Distance:  3 miles.


3 SECTIONS OF THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL:  POINT-TO-POINT (logistics planning required) 


1st Leg:  Route 12 to Stage Road:    **Moderate.
Trailhead:  Rte. 12 North.  Parking area 0.5 miles past No. Bridgewater Rd. on the left.
Finish Point:  Stage Road, .5 miles past Suicide Six Ski Area.
Distance:  1.92 miles.



2nd Leg:  Stage Road to Pomfret Road:   **Moderate
Trailhead: Stage Road, .5 miles past Suicide Six Ski Area.
Finish Point:  Pomfret Road, .25 miles after Bartlett Brook Road.
Distance:  2.33 miles.



3rd Leg:  Pomfret Road to Cloudland Road:   **Moderate
Trailhead:  Pomfret Road, .25 miles after Bartlett Brook Road.
Finish Point:  Cloudland Farm Road.  2 miles past Barber Hill Road at bottom of hill.
Distance:  2.08 miles.



MT ASCUTNEY – Elevation 3,144 feet.   ***Difficult.  Trailheads:  Choose from three options: 


The Weathersfield Trail.
Trailhead  is at end of Cascade Falls Rd, of Vt. Route 131 in Weathersfield.
Total Ascent:  2,060 ft. Distance:  5.8 miles.


The Windsor Trail.
Trailhead is parking area off Vt. Route 44-A just east of junction with Vt. Route 44.
Ascent:  2,500 ft. Distance:  5.6 miles.


The Brownsville Trail. 
Trailhead:  Parking area along Vt. Rte 44, one mile west of junction with Vt. Rte 44-A.
Ascent:  2,400 ft. Distance:  6.4 miles.