The biking community continues to build and get stronger in Woodstock.   The high quality of the road cycling routes (tarmac), the vast network of dirt and gravel roads (hardpack) and the local mountain biking trails (single track) are drawing cyclists from near and  far.  Organized Fondos and charity rides choose the routes around Woodstock because of the scenery and mix of terrain.  It is a great time to be a cyclist in Woodstock.



The Elevation Challenge Biking Edition

We launched the Elevation Challenge – Biking Edition in June 2015. It is a collection of 5 road rides that begin and end at the Woodstock Village green.  The routes are 18, 25, 35, 44 and 53 miles with some climbing involved.  They will take you through the small towns around Woodstock, along rivers and streams and through beautiful rolling farmland and forests.  To finish them all is a real accomplishment that is doable in a season.

Here is how the Elevation Challenge works:
  1. Pick up a brochure/biking log at Elevation Clothing or The Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, VT.
  2. Keep track of the days you complete each hike. Download Hiking Log. The_Elevation_Challenge_BIKE_LOG
  3. When you have finished all 5 rides, bring your completed log sheet into Elevation Clothing and receive a VERY cool sticker to place on your water bottle, Thule rack, computer, forehead or fridge.
  4. Receive coupons to redeem at both Elevation Clothing AND Worthy Kitchen in recognition of your accomplishment.
  5. Check to make sure your name is spelled correctly on the website alongside the other Elevation Worthy Bikers.
  6. Tell your friends. Challenge them.

Finish the challenge and you get:

Elevation_Bike_Woodstock_BadgeInto the record books & sticker

All rides must be completed AFTER 6/1/2015.  

Hand-deliver your completed log to:   

Elevation Clothing
15 Central Street
Woodstock, VT  05091