Hiking Distances for AT sections in Elevation Challenge Hiking Edition Brochure are Incorrect!

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True.   A good friend correctly identified that the distances for the three Pomfret sections of the AT are incorrect in the printed brochure.  Like a former mayor of New York City used to say, “When I screw up, I screw up big.”  Here are the correct distances according to the MapMyRun App I used on 6/14/2015:

Section 1, Route 12 to Stage Road:  1.92 miles.  Listed in the brochure as 1.5 miles. 

Section 2, Stage Road to Pomfret Road:  2.33 miles.  Listed in the brochure as 1.2 miles.  

Section 3, Pomfret Road to Cloudland Farm Road:  2.08 miles.  Listed in the brochure as 2 miles.

Unfortunately, the brochures were already printed when I discovered the error.  We will be printing an insert for the brochures with the correct distances.

Sorry for the error.  Hope you enjoyed the bonus distance!


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