First Elevation Worthy Hiker completes the Elevation Challenge

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The stairs are solid on the climb up to Lucy's Lookout.
The stairs are solid on the climb up to Lucy’s Lookout.

On Sunday, June 21st, Bobby Sand completed the Elevation Challenge – Hiking Edition.    Bobby is no stranger to hiking.  He is a “46er,” having hiked the 46 peaks over 4,000 feet high in New York.  Bobby provided us with the inspiration to create the Elevation Challenge after he told us about the “Saranac 6,” a collection of day hikes around Saranac Lake, NY.  We liked the idea and modified it a bit to fit the Woodstock area.  Bobby provided us with some feedback about the hikes which we have edited slightly (to protect the innocent):

A few thoughts about the hike and the challenge:

1. The ranking of the hike difficulty perhaps should be based on the average, out of shape person.  They are fairly vigorous. 

2. All trails are reasonably well marked except Lucy’s Lookout. 

3. The directions for Lucy’s Lookout are, to be charitable, ambiguous.  Regarding the right hand turn on the AT, it is true you turn in the direction of the southerly AT route, however the turn actually points you compass north. You may wish to clarify that;

4. The ladder at Lucy’s Lookout will definitely get one’s attention, especially coming down in the rain as it was this AM– a caution might be appropriate. 

5. All hiking comes with certain risks and all participants should be advised that they participate at their own risk (tort lawyer talking here).

Bobby has brought up some good points here.

Because he is the first person to submit a completed hiking log, he will be the first person on the official list of Elevation Worthy Hikers.

Congratulations Bobby!  And thank you.





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